DSL Rentals is an awesome company

DSL Rentals is an awesome company because we do work with every one of our customers to make sure that they are getting what they need and are satisfied with what they are getting from us. We go out of ourway for customers, and this means a lot, because it shows we do care that you are getting all that you need from their high quality #RDSL and remote computer services. Ok… Long store short, DSLrentals opened a new RDSL location in Washington DC. Remote DSL from DC will help our customers to get new Washington DC IP. And, yes, we are one of the very best remote DSL service providers possible for our customers. And we glad to say that.

Read more about Washington, DC #RDSL lines here:http://www.dslrentals.com/washington-rdsl-service-fresh-ips-from-dc/

DSL Rentals has an office in Sacramento, California. IPs will cover the most Northern part of California, including but not limited to Sacramento, San Fransisco, San Jose, Lake Tahoe, also works for Los Angeles and Reno, Nevada.

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RDSL service is available in Los Angeles

RDSL service is available in Los Angeles. Our remote DSL lines are covering LA, California from last week. New location will provide fresh California IPs for our customers 24×7. This is second DSL Rentals office in California (another one is serving Sacramento area, California IP). 

Read more about RDSL service in Los Angeles here:

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Remote DSL

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RDSL provider

Do you need new reliable #RDSL provider? REad more about our RDSL service http://www.dslrentals.com/services/rdsl/

RDSL discount

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Summer RDSL discount

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A super promo available (limited time ofcourse)

Hello everyone, thanks for reading us. I am here today to tell you about new promo that we just launched - a dial up computer for rent for just $200 per month. You can use it to connect to any city/state and post your ads. You will be on the top of the list always; However it has one downside - slow speed. But you should try it! Maybe this will fit your needs. See this source  http://www.dslrentals.com/  to learn more about the company. You may also read an article about posting here http://www.articlesbase.com/networks-articles/everything-you-wanted-to-know-about-posting-but-were-afraid-to-ask-5676768.html

Thank you and have a great productive day guys. TTYL.